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bc_esp8266_t Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for bc_esp8266_t:

Data Fields

bc_scheduler_task_id_t _task_id
bc_uart_channel_t _uart_channel
bc_esp8266_state_t _state
bc_esp8266_state_t _state_after_init
bc_fifo_t _tx_fifo
bc_fifo_t _rx_fifo
uint8_t _tx_fifo_buffer [BC_ESP8266_TX_FIFO_BUFFER_SIZE]
uint8_t _rx_fifo_buffer [BC_ESP8266_RX_FIFO_BUFFER_SIZE]
void(* _event_handler )(bc_esp8266_t *, bc_esp8266_event_t, void *)
void * _event_param
char _command [BC_ESP8266_TX_FIFO_BUFFER_SIZE]
char _response [BC_ESP8266_RX_FIFO_BUFFER_SIZE]
uint8_t _message_buffer [BC_ESP8266_TX_MAX_PACKET_SIZE]
size_t _message_length
size_t _message_part_length
uint8_t _init_command_index
uint8_t _timeout_cnt
bc_esp8266_config _config
bool _ap_available
int _rssi

Detailed Description

Definition at line 97 of file bc_esp8266.h.

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