Firmware SDK
Here is a list of all modules:
 twr_adcDriver for ADC (analog to digital converter)
 twr_aesDriver for AES
 twr_analog_sensorDriver for generic analog sensor
 twr_atciAT command interface
 twr_atsha204Driver for Atmel ATSHA204 CryptoAuthentication
 twr_buttonDriver for generic button
 twr_chester_aDriver for CHESTER A
 twr_cmwx1zzabzDriver for CMWX1ZZABZ muRata LoRa modem
 twr_configLibrary for saving and loading configuration to EEPROM
 twr_crcCalculate crc
 twr_cy8cmbr3102Driver for CY8CMBR3102
 twr_dacDriver for DAC
 twr_data_streamLibrary for computations on stream of data
 twr_delayLibrary for delay
 twr_device_idFunctions for device unique ID
 twr_dfuUSB DFU Bootloader function
 twr_diceHelper library to determine dice (cube) face position from vectors
 twr_dmaDriver for DMA
 twr_ds18b20Driver for 1wire ds18b20
 twr_ds2484Driver for DS2484 Single-Channel 1-Wire Master
 twr_ds28e17Driver for DS28E17 (1-wire-to-I2C Master Bridge)
 twr_eepromDriver for internal EEPROM memory
 twr_esp8266Driver for ESP8266 WiFi module
 twr_extiDriver for EXTI (external interrupts)
 twr_fifoFIFO buffer implementation
 twr_flood_detectorDriver flood detector
 twr_gfxGraphics library
 twr_gpioDriver for general purpose input/output
 twr_hc_sr04Driver for HC-SR04 ultrasonic range sensor
 twr_hdc2080Driver for HDC2080 humidity sensor
 twr_hts221Driver for HTS221 humidity sensor
 twr_i2cDriver for I2C bus
 twr_irqFunctions for interrupt request manipulation
 twr_ledDriver for generic LED
 twr_lis2dh12Driver for LIS2DH12 3-axis MEMS accelerometer
 twr_logLogging facility (output on TXD2, format 115200 / 8N1)
 twr_lp8Driver for LP8 CO2 sensor
 twr_ls013b7dh03Driver for LS013B7DH03 1.28" HR-TFT Memory LCD
 twr_module_batteryDriver for Battery Module
 twr_module_climateDriver for HARDWARIO Climate Module
 twr_module_co2Driver for HARDWARIO CO2 Module
 twr_module_encoderDriver for Encoder Module
 twr_module_gpsDriver for HARDWARIO GPS Module
 twr_module_infra_gridLibrary to communicate with Infra Grid Module with Panasonic AMG8833 Grid-EYE sensor
 twr_module_lcdDriver for lcd
 twr_module_pirDriver for PIR Module
 twr_module_powerDriver for Power Module
 twr_module_relayDriver for HARDWARIO Relay Module
 twr_module_rs485Driver for RS-485 Module
 twr_module_sensorDriver for Sensor Module
 twr_module_sigfoxDriver for HARDWARIO SigFox Module
 twr_module_x1Driver for X1 Module
 twr_mpl3115a2Driver for MPL3115A2 pressure/altitude sensor
 twr_onewireDriver for 1-Wire
 twr_onewire_relayDriver for HARDWARIO 1-wire relay, chipset: DS2408
 twr_opt3001Driver for OPT3001 ambient light sensor
 twr_pulse_counterDriver for generic pulse counter
 twr_pwmDriver for PWM generation
 twr_pyq1648Driver for PYQ1648 PIR sensor
 twr_queueQueue handling functions
 twr_radioRadio implementation
 twr_rampRamping algorithm library (e.g. can be used for PWM up/down ramping for LED control, motor control, etc.)
 twr_rf_ookDriver for ON-OFF-KEY modulation for 433 MHz Radio modules
 twr_rtcDriver for real-time clock
 twr_sam_m8qDriver for u-blox SAM-M8Q GPS/Galileo/Glonass navigation module
 twr_sc16is740Driver for SC16IS740 single UART with I2C-bus interface, 64 bytes of transmit and receive FIFOs
 twr_schedulerTask scheduler
 twr_servoDriver for Servo
 twr_sgp30Driver for SGP30 VOC gas sensor
 twr_sgpc3Driver for SGPC3 VOC gas sensor
 twr_sha256Library for SHA256 hash
 twr_sht20Driver for SHT20 humidity sensor
 twr_sht30Driver for SHT30 humidity sensor
 twr_soil_sensorDriver for soil sensor
 twr_spiDriver for SPI bus
 twr_spiritDriver for spirit RF transceiver module
 twr_sps30Driver for SPS30 PM sensor
 twr_ssd1306Driver for SSD1306 Monochrome OLED graphic display
 twr_switchDriver for switch
 twr_tag_barometerDriver for HARDWARIO Barometer Module
 twr_tag_humidityDriver for HARDWARIO Humidity Module
 twr_tag_lux_meterDriver for HARDWARIO Lux Meter Module
 twr_tag_nfcDriver for HARDWARIO NFC Module
 twr_tag_temperatureDriver for HARDWARIO Temperature Module
 twr_tag_vocDriver for HARDWARIO VOC Module
 twr_tag_voc_lpDriver for HARDWARIO VOC-LP Module
 twr_tca9534aDriver for TCA9534A I/O expander
 twr_td1207rDriver for TD1207R SigFox modem
 twr_tickTimestamp functions
 twr_timerDriver for timer
 twr_tmp112Driver for TMP112 temperature sensor
 twr_uartDriver for UART (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter)
 twr_usb_cdcUSB CDC communication library
 twr_ws2812bDriver for led strip ws2812b
 twr_wssfm10r1atDriver for WSSFM10R1AT SigFox modem
 twr_zssc3123Driver for ZSSC3123 Capacitive Sensor